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Flash Websites


Flash websites uses Adobe Flash which is a multimedia platform used by animation, video, and interactive activities to the websites. It supports both streaming like audio and video, and by this we can capture user input via mouse, keyboard, microphone, and camera etc.

Flash has actually made to add virtual life and versatility to the websites. It makes the site look like dynamic and lively. Along with being very attractive and colorful, flash websites are also very user friendly as flash adds to then an easy user interface. A user have no need to read much as in other statics websites, as you can also put that text to be written in some kind of animation. The websites can also be made interactive by putting interesting activities of some kind or the other.

Webtix basically provide two types of flash websites designing services

Static Flash Website design and
Flash Based CMS Website Design
The kind of innovation and creativity can show by flash is remarkable and that is why these days’ people are more emphasizing on flash websites rather than simple static websites.

Advantages Of Flash Based Web Designs

Attractive & eye catching appearance
Highly Interactive
Highly Expressible
Easy presentation
Excellent Browser Compatibility
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